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Starring: Lamborghini Aventador LP700-4
(by Fox-58)

Here is the Car of The Day and she’s a sexy beast. The lines on the vehicle, the lights, even the color and the wheels would be awesome and ideal. Blue is my favorite color and this couldn’t be more awesome of a vehicle :) Some day or up in heaven even this would be one of many cars at my dream house lol.

Another Photo Shoot Done For 2014!

Hey everyone,

Here’s the latest installment of my work. My awesome friend Erika needed some recent head shots taken of her to give to her agent for upcoming jobs. If those of you recognize her she was my first photo shoot this year, but it was for her boyfriend for his birthday and then before that it was for her head shots in 2012. She is so happy with them and it feels nice to be getting paid.
Check out the shots below and on July 29th, 2014 I have my first ever Engagement shoot, so stay tuned for those photos :)

That’s all and enjoy :)



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